Getting to know us

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.40.36
Left: Mark, before intermittent fasting (IF). Middle: Mark, six months after starting IF after having lost 25kg. to 30kg. Right: Mark, one year after starting IF, on his 53rd birthday.

Mark is a 5o-somenthing-year-old American (early 50’s), who has done much research on diet, exercise, and intermittent fasting, as well as long term fasting. He has spent most of his adult life slightly overweight with brief bouts of fitness. An avid outdoors and fitness buff, he has never been able to stick with a diet or an exercise plan. Until now. He had heard that over forty-years-old, a man cannot change his body type, and that over fifty, a man cannot build muscle. He has proven that these myths are wrong.

About one month after starting intermittent fasting.
Eight months of intermittent fasting. A little sagging skin, but the six pack is beginning to show. I’m not sucking in my belly.

Mark has been intermittent fasting (IF) since May of 2016, and has garnered fantastic results because of it. In this blog, he will write about his experiences with IF and exercise. Let’s face it, Western culture is afraid of or sceptical about fasting. There are many misconceptions about dieting and exercise, out there. Perhaps, this Website and the blog herein will dispel some of these myths. Mark has been a wrestler, a coach, a personal trainer, and a teacher. He graduated from the University of Arizona and pursues continuing education courses in Food, Nutrition, and Health; Food as Medicine; etc.

Nine months of IF. These used to be my “skinny” jeans, waist: 34. I’m still not sucking in my belly.

Jacie is a 30-something year-old Chinese woman and Mark’s wife, who has decided to join him on the intermittent fasting and exercise program. Her culture also does not recognise fasting as an acceptable means of gaining health. Most people in the East and West see fasting as a religious practice or starvation or unhealthy or downright stupid. “Why would anyone miss a meal?” they ask. Jacie has had to fight these cultural barriers, and so has Mark. Jacie will give her own special perspective about intermittent fasting and exercise.

On this Website, and in their blog, Mark and Jacie will attempt to shed light on the wonders of fasting and fitness. Enjoy!

Note: neither Mark nor Jacie is a nutritionist, dietician, nor doctor. The information in this blog is intended for entertainment and educational purposes, only. Every idea or claim should be researched by the reader to see if it is right for him or her. Before starting any diet, fast, or exercise program, we highly and strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor.

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