Change Your Life with Intermittent Fasting

“I’m going to spin for thirty minutes,” said Jacie. She referred to the use of our stationary spinning exercise bicycle, not the process of converting fiber into thread or yarn. This piece of exercise equipment had been taking up space in our little Chinese apartment for about six months. I’m sure it yearned for one of us, or both, to use it. If it were a dog, it would have been wagging its tail in anticipation, at this point. “Do you want to join me?” prodded my wife.spin-class

“No, no, I’ve got videos to edit. You go ahead,” I replied. Any excuse would have worked for me. My body, happy in its inactivity, complacent in its overweight borderline obesity, started at the thought of spinning for thirty minutes. I shuddered at the mere suggestion (my belly shuddered a little longer due to my ample belly-fat reserves). One does not pack on twenty-five or thirty extra kilograms of fat by working out on a regular basis.

As I edited my English language videos for my Chinese students, I witnessed my cute little Chinese wife pump and grunt and sweat and huff atop the spinning bike to Western disco music for the next thirty minutes. I was exhausted by the time she had finished. The bike was happy. She was happy, filled with exercise endorphins and the satisfaction of accomplishment. I was still just fat.

Inertia Realized

The next day, 13 April 2016, Jacie announced her intention of making a daily ritual of spinning. Envy, one of the deadliest cardinal sins, and pure jealousy served me well, at this time.

“I’ll spin after you,” spilled out of my mouth before my fat belly had a chance to protest.

“Really!?” My wife barely able to contain her excitement, blurted out. She felt she inspired me. In a way, she did.

I couldn’t have my cute wife get into shape without me. Anyway, she would not stick with this ridiculousness for more than two weeks. Then we could both get back to our slothfulness and overeating in peace.

Inertia is real. When my body is at rest, it stays at rest and my mid-section expands and expands. When my body is in motion, I can’t stop it.

About a week later, I researched the best foods to eat before a workout. I wanted to find out how long before a workout one should eat. As if nudging me to exercise had not changed my life enough, this search would change my entire being, both mentally and physically.

Perhaps due to the fact that I lived secluded, from Western culture and its myriad, trendy new ideas, in China, or perhaps because I’m clueless, I had never heard about intermittent fasting. Apparently, this eating regimen redefined cutting-edge nutrition and health. My eyes devoured article after article. An unexpected find, before my wife walked into the apartment, I had worked out every detail of my new life with intermittent fasting (IF). It would be a couple of weeks before I found enough research to convince me that the best thing to eat before a workout is nothing at all. More about exercising in a fasted state, later.

Being a good partner, I have never expected my love interests to participate in my crazy diet plans. Jacie asked many, many questions about IF, most of which I could answer, the rest I researched and came up with the answers, later. She was all in from the start. What a great wife! We worked out the kinks as we progressed.

Tangible Results

That was eight months, and thirty kilograms, ago. They brainwash us to believe that disability and disease inescapably result from the ageing process. Not true. Eight months ago, I could not bend over to tie my shoes without getting out of breath, the plight and inevitability of a 52-year-old, right? Not so fast, bucko! After my winter solstice 3-day long-term fast, and after eight months of intermittent fasting, I performed an act that I have not accomplished in a decade or two or three. I can now, standing on one foot, raise my other foot and put on my sock with ease. It may seem a small feat to you, but to me, a man who could barely bend over to tie his shoes, it is a monumental triumph; one I want to continue and improve upon for the rest of my life.

Intermittent fasting causes regeneration not degeneration. I have found the fountain of youth, the pathway to young living into old age. It’s tough for about one month, then it gets easier, lots easier.

Feel free to follow my blog. As I explain the process and the benefits of IF and fitness from an experiential point of view, we will explore this life-enhancing lifestyle together. And tell me what you think in the comments below. Until next time, stay fast and fit.


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