Winter Solstice Fast Refeeding Day #2

24 December 2016

On my second refeeding day, I allowed myself vegetables as well as fruit. I had plenty of fruit that I had not consumed the previous day, so I went to the store to buy some vegetables. As usual, I bought way too much. At the store, everything looked good, but I decided that the broccoli and carrots looked the best. I also bought some beets, red cabbage, carrots, red onion, and ginger for a red veggie soup. Hunger does not drive this almost compulsive over-buying. You see, I have always had this problem. I hate cooking for one.

All That Glitters is Not Good Health

Within 24 hours of refeeding, I had my first bowel movement. Granted, for optimal health, it should have come into the world earlier, but I will accept this as a sign of improving health. Not all things about good health are pretty and pleasant. Skin blemishes, white spots in my sight and flashes in the peripheral vision, swollen lymph nodes, and hemorrhoids plagued me during and after the fast. The timid and uninitiated may have balked at such blight (most would not have made it past the hunger pangs and dizziness, neither of which I had due to my extensive experience with fasting); they would have gazed in horror at these afflictions and vowed never to return to the practice of fasting. A pox they bring upon themselves, I say. Interestingly enough, the paradox of the situation presents itself: over time, my benign indispositions will result in better health as my body rids its cells of pre-disease (toxins and waste); those “in perfect health,” who eat three times a day and never skip a meal, will harbor this pre-disease, and it will grow and fester and manifest as full-blown disease, eventually and most unpleasantly.

Fasting is good for you. Only people with ulterior motives tell you otherwise, like the food companies and Big Pharma, who train and pay the doctors to push their drugs. These people want you to think that good health comes from stuffing yourself with bacon and Frosted Flakes or popping a good dose of fluoride (Prozac) or taking statins or the latest unproven chemical. The food companies need you to stuff as much of their product down your hole as humanly possible. Big Pharma is not in the business of healing; they are in the business of prolonging disease. They treat the symptoms; they do not cure the disease. To cure the disease means no more money. To treat the symptoms means the disease lurks dormant in the system waiting for its chance to present itself for a new round of symptom suppressing drugs (and we have not even discussed the new symptoms and maladies the last round of drugs created). Another paradox: these two mega-conglomerates, Big Food and Big Pharma, cause you at once countless comforts and drastic discomforts. Advertising promotes the countless comforts, while convincing you that anyone who informs you of the drastic discomforts coming your way is a quack, crazy as a loon, out to harm you. How many advertisements do you see about fasting? None! There is no money in fasting. Fasting takes fortitude.

Lesions and Trials and Boils, Oh My!

Blemishes, lesions, and pimples popped up almost everyday; however my healing process seemed to be accelerated. As soon as an imperfection took center stage, in an appropriate “instant,” it had exited stage right. For example, on fasting day #3, I ate six kiwis in a row. The acid from this many kiwis triggered a particularly obvious and painful canker sore on the inside of my lower lip. Expected time of departure: two or three days. Actual time of departure: one hour. Amazement struck me as to how fast it appeared and conversely the rapidity at which it disappeared. The appearance of skin disorders demonstrates the body’s ability, no freedom, to decontaminate itself of built up toxins. It is proof positive that the fast is working.

From about day #2 of the fast, I started noticing blurred and diminished vision and one huge oval white spot with flaming green edges in the middle of my fuzzy eyesight. As if that were not frustrating enough, I would experience white lightning flashes in the periphery of my visual field, which caused me to constantly turn my head to investigate the source of the brilliant flashing lights, only to realize that I had been duped by my senses. Very annoying! This disturbance subsided by the beginning of my second day of refeeding. Fluid pressure in the eye and the cleansing thereof caused this distemper. By the second day of refeeding, the white oval with flaming edges had gone away, and by the second normal eating day the white lightning flashes no longer bothered me. One way to look at it is that my eyesight may improve overall after the fast.

On the first day of my refeeding, a glance in the mirror revealed two egg-sized lumps on either side of my neck just below the jaw line. Horror and bewilderment whirled in my head. The astonishment at so quick an inflammation focused all of my attention on the bulging outgrowths. How hideous I looked! My experience has hardened me, you see, for some reason my lymph nodes are slightly inflamed anyway and have been for quite some time, years really. I fully expected to spend the rest of my days with two goose eggs under my chin. Upon further research I found that this is a common woe amongst master fasters. I had just never experienced such a thing before. The uptake of which: the level of toxins being stirred up in my body exceeded my lymph nodes’ capacity to process and eliminate them, thus causing the swelling. My horror and befuddlement waned with each article I read, and I understood that with the reinstatement of exercise and movement in my daily routine the swelling would diminish. It took to the end of the second refeeding day for these nodules to shrink back to their previous slightly swollen state. I immediately wrote to Rigley’s Believe It or Not and told them to disregard my first letter.

To my great delight, in the middle of my second day of refeeding, I had a tremendous bowel movement. That’s the good news. The bad news: a hemorrhoid and a sore butthole. I won’t belabor this point; everyone who has ever had a hemorrhoid knows the inconvenience of such a problem. It just makes whatever one does uncomfortable. These boils can plague someone for about two weeks. However, by the second normal eating day, about two and a half days, no more pain, no more discomfort. No medicine needed.

Believe me, these ailments sucked, but when I look at long-term health, I’ll put up with a misery or two to spend a few more years with my cute little Chinese wife and to watch my daughter grow and mature into a wonderful young woman. Why not? Normal, I can tell you after eight months of intermittent fasting, is not as comfortable as you might think. You may not notice the build up of toxins and waste and disease, but that does not mean they are not there.

If you want to come over for some beet and red cabbage soup, I have plenty left, and I still haven’t cooked the broccoli and carrots. Did I mention that I hate cooking for one?

At any rate, until next time, stay fast and fit!


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