Winter Solstice Fast Refeeding Day #1

23 December 2016

Insomnia, Again

I struggled to get to sleep, last night, not actually sleeping until 3:30am. Dreams of food danced in my head as I surfed the Internet tired but unable to sleep. Technically my fast was over. It had been over 72 hours since I last ate. Another very real struggle, I determined that I would not eat until I had gotten some sleep. It worked.

My wife had sent me a picture over WeChat of the grapes that she would eat to break her fast. They did look juicy and wonderful. I awoke and looked at the clock at 11:23am. Oh my, I had gotten plenty of sleep. My mouth was parched from dehydration, I guess. I chatted with my wife for a little while after I awoke and before I broke my fast. The apples would quench my thirst, I thought. A swig of mineral water before I dove into the apples was in order. A particularly bad apple caught my attention, and I thought I should eat that one first before it spoils the rest. The bottom of the apple was indeed a little brown and starting to rot. The top of the apple remained firm and as I ate down the apple it got softer and softer. Like an expert, I ate around the brown meat of the apple. As anyone who has ever been deprived of food knows, food tastes extremely good when refeeding. These apples were no different. It was like I had never tasted apples before in my life. The joy of eating them made my eyes roll back in my head. Three apples made up my first mono-meal.

Dehydrated and a little weary was how I felt before the apples. Afterwards, probably due more to hydration than anything, I felt better. I was not bouncing off the walls, for sure. I really didn’t feel much better than my best time on the fast. We shall see as I add more mono-meals. Oranges were my next target…

It had been 87 hours since I had food. The spacing of my meals, I maintained at about one hour between. The oranges, a navel variety, tasted very sweet and oh so juicy. After the first meal, food just tastes like it usually does when I break a one-day fast. It took three oranges to satisfy my primal need. I do not want to get too stuffed as I refeed. The grapefruit were my next victims…

What’s the Goal, Here?

One goal in breaking a fast, which is possibly the most important part of the process, is pushing the food through the digestive system to clean it out better, more than nutrition; however, I will receive some nutrition from what I plan on eating for the next two days. Normal eating will resume on Sunday. I can have coffee on Sunday! Yay! For now, tea will have to suffice.

Oh, my apartment smelled so fruity, citrusy mostly. After three apples and three oranges, satiety caused me to wait two hours to eat the grapefruit. I had one red grapefruit. It tasted so sweet and sour. Then I had one white grapefruit. It was so tart and tasty. I eat my grapefruit just like I eat my oranges: peel them, pull them apart, and shove the pieces in my mouth. No sugar, no nothing, just plain and natural. This has been my practice since I started flirting with the raw diet over sixteen years ago. My love of grapefruit has developed over the years. No sugar needed. My hands smelled of grapefruit. Wonderful!!! And my belly was full. Next up, kiwi…Yummy!

It took me several hours to want the kiwi. I took to them with a fork and a knife carving them up like I might carve a turkey. I devoured six of them with no problem. This was my fourth mono-meal of the day. If I ate again, which I did, I determined that I would eat a combination of fruit.

Another goal in breaking a long-term fast is to go from more frequent meals to less frequent meals, small meals to larger meals, easy to digest to harder to digest (harder to digest foods take more enzymes to break them down), less variety to more variety, over the course of several days. For a 3-day fast, two days of easing into this paradigm is plenty of time. By Sunday, Jacie and I will be eating regular meals and continuing with IF.

Now, for a little Christmas magic. First up: “Scrooged” with Bill Murray…

After “Scrooged” (no food in this movie, that I noticed), I went out to the kitchen and thought that an apple and an orange sounded good. They were. The variety had started. Oooooooohhh, yeah!

For a very long time I did not feel like eating. I watched a movie that was so bad that it is not worth mentioning, but it involved Halloween and Christmas. The movie was eh, and my desire to eat was eh.

“I bet you ate like a pig!”

A friend of mine said of my breaking “such a long fast,” “I bet you ate like a pig!” No, I did not eat like a pig, which would be counterproductive to breaking the fast. I would stop, and start to undo, all of the benefits that I had realized from the fast. Because of all the lies and myths out there about fasting, people have some wacky ideas. These people are sugar burners, addicted to sugar without really knowing it because it is “normal,” and they project onto others their feelings and ideas and misconceptions. Through my research I have identified several authors who write about fasting, but I can tell they have never fasted a day in their lives. They know that after three days without eating, hell…three hours without eating, they are and would be ravenous pigs mowing at the trough; so they think that that MUST be what I am going through. On the contrary, before refeeding I was not hungry in the slightest. My senses were heightened, my mind was clearer, my body was healthier, I could feel that I was empty, but I was not a ravenous pig. As I have said, I ate three apples and rested for an hour. These are not the actions of a famished swine. Anyway, I thought it an interesting comment.

On reflection it was a successful first day of breaking the 3-day fast. Until next time stay fast and fit!


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