My Winter Solstice 3-Day Fast (Day 3)

22 December 2016

Insomnia, Bummer!

Last night I pretty much finished the movie; however, I was dozing at the end. I got ready for bed and then I couldn’t go to sleep. Bummer! It took me several hours to go to sleep and then I peed three or four times during the night. Not the most peaceful sleep. What to do? Many people have problems sleeping when they fast. I’m not sure that the body needs as much sleep when we are not wasting so much energy on digesting food.

I awoke at about 10:00am because I needed to pee. I certainly did not think that I was dehydrated. As I said before, I was apprehensive about this third day, since I had felt horrible the third day of my previous fast and because I had a slight headache last night.

As I was making my Chinese green tea, I felt light headed and woozy. I definitely did not want to do any chores like washing the dishes or doing laundry. My body is definitely getting rid of toxins and cleansing my inner workings. This is why one must have the ability to rest during a prolonged fast. When I went back to bed and started drinking tea, I automatically started to feel better. Today, I have no real headache to talk about. I would say that my head is a little tight. No big deal.

Feeling Good for the Third Day of a 3-Day Fast

After drinking my carafe of tea, I felt good enough to go to the store. Plus the pollution was down to an almost acceptable range, so off I went. I still covered my nose and mouth with the felt scarf that I have (probably doesn’t do much good). Anyway, I bought mineral water and a boatload of fruit: oranges, apples, kiwi, grapefruit, lemons, and a pomegranate. Yummy, I can’t wait until tomorrow! Well actually I can because I feel great, so I guess I will wait.

After I got home and unloaded the fruit, I boiled more water for tea. I still did not feel like doing chores, but I found the gumption to wash one pot that needed it badly. My plan was to try to defecate before my shower. I almost forgot, but luckily I felt the slightest knock at my back door. Low and behold, I think the rest of my fruit left the building. Ladies and gentlemen, the fruit has left the building! Consequently, I felt much better afterwards. Aren’t you glad I shared that?! That could have been part of my crappy (pun intended) feeling this morning. And one must speak about feces if one is going to speak about health. I’ll go easy on you for a while.

Anyway, I took my shower, did a load of laundry (that is how much better I felt), and got into bed, and now I write this entry.

Already Thinking About How to Break the Fast

Since my wife is seven hours ahead of me, five o’clock my time is twelve midnight her time. So at five o’clock my time, she was ready to go to bed. She has avocados, three of them, to help her break her fast. We discussed, just before she went to sleep, how she could safely consume those avocados. Breaking the fast, especially a prolonged one, is very important. People have hurt themselves very badly and even died from breaking a fast improperly. Rest assured, though, done the correct way, fasting is one of the best things one can do for their health. She has grapes, an excellent way to break a fast (make sure they are organic), and I suggested that she only eat one avocado in between mono-meals of grapes. And she should space them out. The avocados should be very ripe and soft, otherwise she would want to wait until the third day of breaking the fast. It is a process. We will talk about breaking a fast more tomorrow.

I still feel good except for an ache in my lower large colon area. Several years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I went in for a colonoscopy (no fun whatsoever) because I felt a hard spot in my tummy. The doctors found nothing, except UC. Whoohoo, lucky me! Well, right now that spot hurts, just a dull ache. I hope this is a good sign that my body is trying to get rid of whatever is hard. During a longer fast, the body is supposed to do stuff like that. Usually, I feel no pain in that area. We shall see.

Passing the Time

I lay down in bed to watch “Home Alone,” a Christmas classic. The pain went away while I was watching the movie. In this movie, there was pizza and ice cream with marshmallows and other sweet goodies. Hey, he is an eight-year-old kid home alone, what do you expect? I found my mouth watering, and I fantasized about pizza the rest of the movie. The ice cream, not so much. I’m not a huge ice cream fan. I will indulge every once in a great while. But pizza, that is my kryptonite.

While sitting up writing this, the pain came back. Oh well. Otherwise, I feel very good and not too drained. One thing I noticed, today, is that the time goes really slowly. I woke up at 10:00am, and it is 8:00pm, now. It feels like it should be midnight. I have read about other fasters noticing this phenomenon, but this is the first day I noticed it. Maybe that is because I’m not doing much. My wife and I are doing a 3-day fast because the last 3-day fast was so difficult on the third day. I feel ten times better this third day of a 3-day fast. We decided that if this fast went well, we would try a 5-day fast in March. I believe…5-day fast here we come, see you in March. Look at that, already thinking about the next prolonged fast. That did not happen on the last fast. We will commence our IF on next Sunday.

Wow, what energy I have sometimes, today! When I got up to boil some water for my tea, I felt motivated enough to wash another stainless steel bowl, put away some laundry on the drying rack, and hang the load of laundry that I just washed. I feel super! Now, I will watch another Christmas movie. Which one will I watch…hmmmm. “Love Actually”? A chick flick? Oh well, my daughter recommended that I watch it. Let’s see…

Well, after “Love Actually,” I wiped the snot from my nose and the tears from my eyes…it was a tearjerker in a happy way. What to do? Then I went to boil more water for my Chinese tea…it lasts the whole day. I feel very good. I think the headache was from the cold, and the tummy problem does not bother me except when I concentrate on that spot: so I’m good. Very good! This was a successful 3-day fast.

While the water was heating up, I could not resist checking the fruit that I will be consuming tomorrow when I awake. I smelled the oranges, and I thought, ‘Oh my God!” Oranges never smelled that good before, really. Then I smelled the apples, and I whispered, “Oh my God!” It was like I was in apple orchard heaven. When I smelled the grapefruit, I groaned, “Oh my God!” Sweet, sour, succulent. And then I smelled the kiwi, and it took my breath away…because they smelled like dust. Well, you can’t win them all. I look forward to tomorrow and my fruit fest!

Once again, a successful 3-day fast, it was. Until next time, stay fast and fit!


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